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Milestones Demo Workspace

Embedded CTF Development Flags

This repository contains an example project for MITRE's 2018 Embedded System CTF. Participating teams can use this example to obtain "Development Flags" that demonstrate that they have reached certain milestones in setting up their development environment. While it may be possible to extract these flags WITHOUT setting up a development environment, the flags have been hidden with the intent of making reverse-engineering a more difficult process than simply obtaining the flags as intended.


This code is insecure and does not meet MITRE standards for quality. This code is being provided for educational purposes to serve as a simple example for the 2018 MITRE eCTF competition. Use this code at your own risk!


After cloning this repository with git, make sure to run the following command to pull in the crypto library that this project depends on:

git submodule update --init


The address of the server for the third flag will be communicated through email and Slack.

Potentially useful socat commands

For an interactive serial communication session with the PSoC: socat -d -d -lf /dev/stdout -x -v 2> dump1.txt "READLINE,history=$HOME /s.hist" /dev/ttyS3,b115200,raw,echo=0

To bridge PSoC and TCP server communications: socat -d -d -lf /dev/stdout -x -v 2> dump2.txt /dev/ttyS3,b115200,raw,echo=0 TCP:

Both commands log all traffic to a file (including direction of communication and timestamps). Both commands may need to be modified to account for your system's specific serial COM port and the network address you are trying to communicate with.