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A classy JavaScript class library
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Make Classy AMD compatible.


    // Classy //

       Classes for JavaScript

    Wooya. You love JavaScript and use jQuery or another
    lightweight library extensively but you notice that
    your code becomes messier and messier the larger the
    application grows? Well, that’s where Classy comes in.
    Classy is a small JavaScript library that implements
    Python inspired classes for JavaScript.

        var Animal = Class.$extend({
          __init__ : function(name, age) {
   = name;
            this.age = age;
   = 100;
          die : function() {
   = 0;
          eat : function(what) {
   += 5;

    var leo = Animal("Foo", 42);
    // or alternatively
    var leo = new Animal("Foo", 42);

    More information on the website:
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