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Access remote DAAP servers via SSH on OS X
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  ~ OS X Daap SSH Forward Script

  For the lazy of us that use a remote DAAP server and want to
  connect to it via SSH port forwarding but can't remember the
  commands to run.


    1. Create a file called `~/.daapforward`
    2. Update config according to example below
    3. run `python`
    4. Start iTunes and click on the daap share on the left
    5. \m/


    # the name of the server that runs ssh.  If this is also
    # the server that runs the DAAP share, this is actually
    # all you have to put into the config

    # this is the name of the user used for connecting.
    # empty or not specified means current user
    ssh-username       anne

    # if the DAAP server is running on a different computer
    # on the network the ssh server is on, you have to specify
    # this as well.  Otherwise localhost is assumed
    daap-server-name   localhost

    # the port the remote daap server runs on
    remote-daap-port   3689

    # the local port where daap should "run on"
    local-daap-port    3689

    # the name of the share.  Now this is the name that is
    # displayed in iTunes before you actually connect to the
    # share.  As soon as you are connected that name is
    # overridden with the actual name on the remote, so make
    # sure to keep them somewhat synchronized.
    share-name         Remote iTunes Share

  This script has bad code and just works good enough for
  accessing remote DAAP shares if you are lazy.  Use it in
  combination with dyndns or something for your mobile
  listening pleasure.
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