Helper script to create Flask Extension Packages
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Flask Extension Wizard

A script that can generate Flask Extensions.  Just make sure to
have Flask installed before running that script.  It will prompt
you for a few things and then generate the basic stuff for you.

If you have Sphinx installed, it can create Sphinx documentation.
(It will automatically set up the Sphinx themes as a Git submodule
if you are using Git.)

If you have Git or Mercurial installed, it can initialize a
repository, and add a link to the development version if you plan
to host it on Github, Gitorious, or Bitbucket.

By default, extensions are listed as BSD licensed, but you can
select the MIT license or use a different license by selecting
"none" when the wizard asks.

Installation with a fresh virtualenv:

$ virtualenv env
$ . env/bin/activate
$ easy_install Flask Sphinx
$ wget
$ python

Then follow the instructions.