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Updated twitter example to use https. This fixes #26

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1 parent f655275 commit d7f0f6cdb44d1d05a919c8dc027c705e8bfc56e3 @mitsuhiko committed Oct 6, 2012
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@@ -21,16 +21,16 @@
twitter = oauth.remote_app('twitter',
# unless absolute urls are used to make requests, this will be added
# before all URLs. This is also true for request_token_url and others.
- base_url='',
+ base_url='',
# where flask should look for new request tokens
- request_token_url='',
+ request_token_url='',
# where flask should exchange the token with the remote application
- access_token_url='',
+ access_token_url='',
# twitter knows two authorizatiom URLs. /authorize and /authenticate.
# they mostly work the same, but for sign on /authenticate is
# expected because this will give the user a slightly different
# user interface on the twitter side.
- authorize_url='',
+ authorize_url='',
# the consumer keys from the twitter application registry.

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