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Added self. This fixes #3

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1 parent cf7d716 commit 4ba87453916956096047ffe0285178f2b7e88e84 @mitsuhiko committed
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4 flaskext/
@@ -378,8 +378,8 @@ def attach_reg_info(self, auth_request, keys):
ax_req.add(ax.AttrInfo(uri, required=key in REQUIRED_KEYS))
- def errorhandler(f):
- """Called if an error occours with the message. By default
+ def errorhandler(self, f):
+ """Called if an error occurs with the message. By default
``'openid_error'`` is added to the session so that :meth:`fetch_error`
can fetch that error from the session. Alternatively it makes sense
to directly flash the error for example::

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