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1 parent 33c0530 commit e273025526c0b36200d4146574e87e56b057c746 @mitsuhiko committed Oct 7, 2012
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@@ -17,17 +17,14 @@
from functools import wraps
from datetime import date
-from flask import request, session, flash, redirect, current_app, url_for
+from flask import request, session, redirect, current_app, url_for
from werkzeug import url_quote
-from openid.association import Association
-from import OpenIDStore
from import FileOpenIDStore
from openid.extensions import ax
from openid.extensions.sreg import SRegRequest, SRegResponse
from openid.consumer.consumer import Consumer, SUCCESS, CANCEL
from openid.consumer import discover
-from import nonce
# python-openid is a really stupid library in that regard, we have
# to disable logging by monkey patching. We still call the original

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