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Flask Sphinx Styles
This repository contains sphinx styles for Flask and Flask related
projects. To use this style in your Sphinx documentation, follow
this guide:
1. put this folder as _themes into your docs folder. Alternatively
you can also use git submodules to check out the contents there.
2. add this to your
html_theme_path = ['_themes']
html_theme = 'flask'
The following themes exist:
- 'flask' - the standard flask documentation theme for large
- 'flask_small' - small one-page theme. Intended to be used by
very small addon libraries for flask.
The following options exist for the flask_small theme:
index_logo = '' filename of a picture in _static
to be used as replacement for the
h1 in the index.rst file.
index_logo_height = 120px height of the index logo
github_fork = '' repository name on github for the
"fork me" badge
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