Removed 'setuptools' from install_requires to fix "pip install -t <some_target>" installations #84

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I use "pip install -t packages -r requirements.txt" to install all the project's requirements into a subdirectory of the project for Google App Engine since it doesn't support adding anything to site-packages. I then have a script at startup to add this packages directory to the sys.path.

"pip install -t" appears to uninstall distribute (from flask-sqlalchemy's setuptools requirement) and then install it in the packages folder, which breaks future installations in requirements.txt (I get an error about unable to import setuptools).

Removing the requirement from flask-sqlalchemy\ fixes the install of my requirements.txt. I checked the blame, and 'setuptools' was added 2010-06-05 to silence a warning when using zc.buildout. I think fixing pip install -t is better than having a warning (I checked all the other requirements for my project, and no others include setuptools). dbb7163

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