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from __future__ import with_statement
import urllib2
import time
import threading
from flask import json, Markup
from werkzeug import url_encode, parse_date, http_date
class SearchResult(object):
def __init__(self, result):
self.text = Markup(result['text']).unescape()
self.user = result['from_user']
self.via = Markup(Markup(result['source']).unescape())
self.pub_date = parse_date(result['created_at'])
self.profile_image = result['profile_image_url']
self.type = result['metadata']['result_type']
self.retweets = result['metadata'].get('recent_retweets') or 0
def to_json(self):
rv = vars(self).copy()
rv['pub_date'] = http_date(rv['pub_date'])
rv['via'] = unicode(rv['via'])
return rv
class SearchQuery(object):
fetch_timeout = 10
def __init__(self, required=None, optional=None, timeout=60, lang=None):
self.required = set(x.lower() for x in (required or ()))
self.optional = set(x.lower() for x in (optional or ()))
self.lang = lang
self.timeout = timeout
self._last_fetch = 0
self._last_scheduled_fetch = 0
self._cached = None
def query(self):
def _quote_if(x):
if len(x.split()) != 1:
return u'"%s"' % x
return x
q = u' '.join(map(_quote_if, self.required))
q += u' ' + u' OR '.join(map(_quote_if, self.optional))
return q
def feed_url(self):
return self.get_url(kind='atom')
def get_url(self, kind='json'):
return '' % (kind, url_encode({
'q': self.query,
'result_type': 'mixed',
'rpp': 30,
'lang': self.lang
def fetch(self):
def _accept(text):
text = text.lower()
for word in self.required:
if word not in text:
return False
for word in self.optional:
if word in text:
return True
return False
rv = json.load(urllib2.urlopen(self.get_url()))
return [SearchResult(x) for x in rv['results'] if
_accept(x['from_user'] + u': ' + x['text'])]
def up_to_date(self):
return time.time() < self._last_fetch + self.timeout
def _try_refresh(self):
if self.up_to_date:
if time.time() > self._last_scheduled_fetch + self.fetch_timeout:
self._last_scheduled_fetch = time.time()
def _fetch_and_store(self):
self._cached = self.fetch()
self._last_fetch = time.time()
def __len__(self):
return len(self._cached or ())
def __iter__(self):
return iter(self.get())
def get(self, limit=None):
seq = (self._cached or ())
if limit is not None:
seq = seq[:limit]
return seq
flask_tweets = SearchQuery(
optional=['code', 'dev', 'python', 'py', 'pocoo', 'micro',
'mitsuhiko', 'framework', 'django', 'jinja', 'werkzeug',
'documentation', 'app']
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