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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Tests Flask itself. The majority of Flask is already tested
as part of Werkzeug.
:copyright: (c) 2011 by Armin Ronacher.
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
from __future__ import with_statement
import os
import sys
import flask
import warnings
import unittest
from StringIO import StringIO
from functools import update_wrapper
from contextlib import contextmanager
from werkzeug.utils import import_string, find_modules
def add_to_path(path):
"""Adds an entry to sys.path if it's not already there. This does
not append it but moves it to the front so that we can be sure it
is loaded.
if not os.path.isdir(path):
raise RuntimeError('Tried to add nonexisting path')
def _samefile(x, y):
return os.path.samefile(x, y)
except (IOError, OSError):
return False
sys.path[:] = [x for x in sys.path if not _samefile(path, x)]
sys.path.insert(0, path)
def iter_suites():
"""Yields all testsuites."""
for module in find_modules(__name__):
mod = import_string(module)
if hasattr(mod, 'suite'):
yield mod.suite()
def find_all_tests(suite):
"""Yields all the tests and their names from a given suite."""
suites = [suite]
while suites:
s = suites.pop()
except TypeError:
yield s, '%s.%s.%s' % (
def catch_warnings():
"""Catch warnings in a with block in a list"""
# make sure deprecation warnings are active in tests
warnings.simplefilter('default', category=DeprecationWarning)
filters = warnings.filters
warnings.filters = filters[:]
old_showwarning = warnings.showwarning
log = []
def showwarning(message, category, filename, lineno, file=None, line=None):
warnings.showwarning = showwarning
yield log
warnings.filters = filters
warnings.showwarning = old_showwarning
def catch_stderr():
"""Catch stderr in a StringIO"""
old_stderr = sys.stderr
sys.stderr = rv = StringIO()
yield rv
sys.stderr = old_stderr
def emits_module_deprecation_warning(f):
def new_f(self, *args, **kwargs):
with catch_warnings() as log:
f(self, *args, **kwargs)
self.assert_(log, 'expected deprecation warning')
for entry in log:
self.assert_('Modules are deprecated' in str(entry['message']))
return update_wrapper(new_f, f)
class FlaskTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
"""Baseclass for all the tests that Flask uses. Use these methods
for testing instead of the camelcased ones in the baseclass for
def ensure_clean_request_context(self):
# make sure we're not leaking a request context since we are
# testing flask internally in debug mode in a few cases
self.assert_equal(, None)
def setup(self):
def teardown(self):
def setUp(self):
def tearDown(self):
def assert_equal(self, x, y):
return self.assertEqual(x, y)
def assert_raises(self, exc_type, callable=None, *args, **kwargs):
catcher = _ExceptionCatcher(self, exc_type)
if callable is None:
return catcher
with catcher:
callable(*args, **kwargs)
class _ExceptionCatcher(object):
def __init__(self, test_case, exc_type):
self.test_case = test_case
self.exc_type = exc_type
def __enter__(self):
return self
def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, tb):
exception_name = self.exc_type.__name__
if exc_type is None:'Expected exception of type %r' %
elif not issubclass(exc_type, self.exc_type):
raise exc_type, exc_value, tb
return True
class BetterLoader(unittest.TestLoader):
"""A nicer loader that solves two problems. First of all we are setting
up tests from different sources and we're doing this programmatically
which breaks the default loading logic so this is required anyways.
Secondly this loader has a nicer interpolation for test names than the
default one so you can just do `` ViewTestCase`` and it
will work.
def getRootSuite(self):
return suite()
def loadTestsFromName(self, name, module=None):
root = self.getRootSuite()
if name == 'suite':
return root
all_tests = []
for testcase, testname in find_all_tests(root):
if testname == name or \
testname.endswith('.' + name) or \
('.' + name + '.') in testname or \
testname.startswith(name + '.'):
if not all_tests:
raise LookupError('could not find test case for "%s"' % name)
if len(all_tests) == 1:
return all_tests[0]
rv = unittest.TestSuite()
for test in all_tests:
return rv
def setup_path():
os.path.dirname(__file__), 'test_apps')))
def suite():
"""A testsuite that has all the Flask tests. You can use this
function to integrate the Flask tests into your own testsuite
in case you want to test that monkeypatches to Flask do not
break it.
suite = unittest.TestSuite()
for other_suite in iter_suites():
return suite
def main():
"""Runs the testsuite as command line application."""
unittest.main(testLoader=BetterLoader(), defaultTest='suite')
except Exception, e:
print 'Error: %s' % e
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