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from hashlib import md5
from flask import Markup, url_for, json
from werkzeug import parse_date, http_date
from jinja2.utils import urlize
from flask_website import app
from flask_website.utils import split_lines_wrapping
class Mail(object):
def __init__(self, d):
self.msgid = d['msgid']
self.author_name, self.author_addr = d['author'] = parse_date(d['date'])
self.subject = d['subject']
self.children = [Mail(x) for x in d['children']]
self.text = d['text']
def rendered_text(self):
result = []
in_sig = False
for line in split_lines_wrapping(self.text):
if line == u'-- ':
in_sig = True
# the extra space at the end is a simple workaround for
# urlize not to consume the </span> as part of the URL
if in_sig:
line = Markup(u'<span class=sig>%s </span>') % line
elif line.startswith('>'):
line = Markup(u'<span class=quote>%s </span>') % line
return Markup(u'\n'.join(result))
def to_json(self):
rv = vars(self).copy()
rv.pop('author_email', None)
rv['date'] = http_date(rv['date'])
rv['children'] = [c.to_json() for c in rv['children']]
return rv
def id(self):
return md5(self.msgid.encode('utf-8')).hexdigest()
class Thread(object):
def __init__(self, d):
self.slug = d['slug'].rsplit('/', 1)[-1]
self.title = d['title']
self.reply_count = d['reply_count']
self.author_name, self.author_email = d['author'] = parse_date(d['date'])
if 'root' in d:
self.root = Mail(d['root'])
def get(year, month, day, slug):
with open('%s/threads/%s-%02d-%02d/%s' %
(app.config['MAILINGLIST_PATH'], year, month,
day, slug)) as f:
return Thread(json.load(f))
except IOError:
def get_list():
with open('%s/threads/threadlist' % app.config['MAILINGLIST_PATH']) as f:
return [Thread(x) for x in json.load(f)]
def url(self):
return url_for('mailinglist.show_thread',,,,
def to_json(self):
rv = vars(self).copy()
rv['date'] = http_date(rv['date'])
if 'root' in rv:
rv['root'] = rv['root'].to_json()
return rv
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