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Updated docs for the app context.

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commit 0207e90155abe937568727e4e9eca949b8247cd5 1 parent f8f2e2d
@mitsuhiko authored
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  2. +15 −1 docs/api.rst
  3. +10 −0 flask/
@@ -45,6 +45,9 @@ Relase date to be decided, codename to be chosen.
- The :meth:`flask.render_template` method now accepts a either an iterable of
template names or a single template name. Previously, it only accepted a
single template name. On an iterable, the first template found is rendered.
+- Added :meth:`flask.Flask.app_context` which works very similar to the
+ request context but only provides access to the current application. This
+ also adds support for URL generation without an active request context.
Version 0.8.1
16 docs/api.rst
@@ -265,12 +265,16 @@ Useful Functions and Classes
Points to the application handling the request. This is useful for
extensions that want to support multiple applications running side
- by side.
+ by side. This is powered by the application context and not by the
+ request context, so you can change the value of this proxy by
+ using the :meth:`~flask.Flask.app_context` method.
This is a proxy. See :ref:`notes-on-proxies` for more information.
.. autofunction:: has_request_context
+.. autofunction:: has_app_context
.. autofunction:: url_for
.. function:: abort(code)
@@ -412,6 +416,16 @@ Useful Internals
if ctx is not None:
return ctx.session
+.. autoclass:: flask.ctx.AppContext
+ :members:
+.. data:: _app_ctx_stack
+ Works similar to the request context but only binds the application.
+ This is mainly there for extensions to store data.
+ .. versionadded:: 0.9
.. autoclass:: flask.blueprints.BlueprintSetupState
10 flask/
@@ -59,6 +59,16 @@ def __init__(self, username, remote_addr=None):
return is not None
+def has_app_context():
+ """Worksl ike :func:`has_request_context` but for the application
+ context. You can also just do a boolean check on the
+ :data:`current_app` object instead.
+ .. versionadded:: 0.9
+ """
+ return is not None
class AppContext(object):
"""The application context binds an application object implicitly
to the current thread or greenlet, similar to how the
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