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Added directions for mod_wsgi vhost configuration under Apache on Win…

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  1. +14 −0 docs/deploying/mod_wsgi.rst
14 docs/deploying/mod_wsgi.rst
@@ -91,6 +91,20 @@ execute the application under a different user for security reasons:
+Note: WSGIDaemonProcess isn't implemented in Windows and Apache will
+refuse to run with the above configuration. On a Windows system, eliminate those lines:
+.. sourcecode:: apache
+ <VirtualHost *>
+ ServerName
+ WSGIScriptAlias / C:\yourdir\yourapp.wsgi
+ <Directory C:\yourdir>
+ Order deny,allow
+ Allow from all
+ </Directory>
+ </VirtualHost>
For more information consult the `mod_wsgi wiki`_.
.. _mod_wsgi:
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