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Tutorial should mention deployment with mod_wsgi or something else #177

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Many people struggle with deploying a simple Flask application. The tutorial should show that and provide some helpful pointers to other parts of the documentation that handle deployment.

Related feedback issues:


I am currently working on a tutorial explaining how to deploy a Flask app in a nginx, uWSGI, FreeBSD environment..

If it is of interrest to the community I could try to keep the FreeBSD specific elements out of it, and make it more generel, with the goal of using it is part of the documentation or the examples.

If it sound like a good idea to you, then please PM me in the IRC channel, and lets discuss what the community needs/wants, and then I will write it..

I started writing last week and there are not much written yet, but the draft can be found


@brunsgaard I personally have no use for this, but i am sure a tutorial with uWSGI is always appreciated, especially if it's not OS-specific. :)


I prefer uwsgi.
mod_wsgi uses subinterpreter feature and some library doesn't support it. Python 2.7.3 stdlib also have a bug when using with mod_wsgi.
When I want to run wsgi app behind Apache, I use uwsgi and ProxyPass /$port/ retry=0.


(Above-mentioned documentation has moved here: WebCore: Deploying your Application)

Looking around today, I can find this section of the Quickstart guide and these detailed instructions which cover Apache + mod_wsgi, Gunicorn/Tornado/Twisted, uWSGI and FastCGI.

You can probably close this :)

@untitaker untitaker closed this
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