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Should link to Werkzeug’s docs prominently #190

SimonSapin opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Many Flask questions on the mailing list or IRC are easily answered by reading Werkzeug documentation. Maybe Flask docs should make more obvious (and repeat everywhere) that many thing (Request and Response objects, routing, ...) are just inherited from Werkzeug, and link to the relevant documentation.


I've had the same thought. Off-topic but the Werkzeug docs need to be better interlinked as well, it used to be bad and then it got worse when those docs were converted to use fully qualified names.

As an example, test_client in the Flask API docs should link to werkzeug.test.Client and the in-depth docs on testing Flask should link to the EnvironBuilder mentioning that the test client methods all take those arguments.


Intersphinx plz.

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