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Typos in docstrings/comments #278

jds opened this Issue July 12, 2011 · 0 comments

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Joe Strickler Armin Ronacher
Joe Strickler
jds commented July 12, 2011

Line 85. "yourapplicaiton" where it should be "yourapplication":

        an SQL query in debug mode.  If the import name is not properly set
        up, that debugging information is lost.  (For example it would only
        pick up SQL queries in `` and not

Also, line 108, "ocurrs" where it should be "occurs":

    #: The debug flag.  Set this to `True` to enable debugging of the
    #: application.  In debug mode the debugger will kick in when an unhandled
    #: exception ocurrs and the integrated server will automatically reload
    #: the application if changes in the code are detected.
Armin Ronacher mitsuhiko closed this in 9d899cd July 13, 2011
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