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Flask documentation in ePub/Mobi format as well #388

fmaida opened this Issue · 13 comments

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In the future please consider to publish the flask documentation not only in PDF but also in formats easily readable by an ebook reader like Kindle or Nook. At least for me it's much easier to read longer documentation on a e-ink device rather than a monitor, and PDF are rendered quite awfully on my Kindle 3g.

I see that there's a builder for Sphinx that permits to build epub files along with their HTML versions here:

ePub would be a easier format to convert, through Calibre we could have a 1:1 conversion in MOBI format too.

Thank you


I uploaded a .epub, linked to the front page of the docs:

@fmaida, could you try out this ePub and let me know if it works well for you?



Thank you very much. I've just downloaded and converted it into MOBI format because unfortunately my Kindle cannot handle directly the ePub format, but I have always seen that Calibre can render a perfect copy of an ePub so I guess that if the MOBI file is OK then the original ePub will be OK too.

Here are some random screenshots I've taken from my Kindle device:

From a quick check by reading the first pages with the internal ebook reader that is available within Calibre it seems that the ePub file is a perfect rendition of the HTML documentation; I tried some links and they were all working properly. I've uploaded the documentation into my Kindle and I'm bringing it with me so I'll read it a little bit while I'm going to work and coming back, and tonight I'll be able to tell you if there are any problems with the format.

Meanwhile, thank you again because today you saved my eyes from reading 250+ pages on a monitor ;-)


Thanks for the screenshots, looks sharp. Code listing do not have much room, but that's the only problem I see. calibre provides a command-line tool which we can use to automate publishing a .mobi: ebook-convert Flask.epub Do you have any thoughts on conversion options? Listed here:

I uploaded a conversion with the defaults. Could you try it?

If it doesn't look good, we might consider converting from another format, e.g. the .pdf. Conversion formats:


I've read the first 20 pages so far and I haven't found any issue: text is formatted properly, there's a correct summary and all the links I've tried were working. From what I've seen everything is perfect so far.
It's true that judging from the screenshots there isn't a lot of space for the source code, but I usually read books with a really large font and with a smaller font the text is still clear and readable and there's a lot of extra room for the code.

I just checked your conversion too and it's almost identical to mine.
The only (really minor) glitch that I've found so far in the meta-data is that you haven't specified an author for the ebook, but everything else is excellent. That's a really great work, thank you!



This is the output of:

ebook-convert Flask.epub --cover --authors 'Armin Ronacher'

The cover doesn't look stellar, but at least it's not a screenshot of the debugger. If this looks good enough to @fmaida, I'll automate the .mobi creation.


It's perfect!


Looks like ebook-convert is converting .epub to HTML, then to .mobi. We can experiment with different conversions if we need improvements. For now, it's automated via make upload-docs, running the conversion server-side to ease developer requirements.

Cover could use some love, but it works.

ebook-convert provides many formats, if we need others.

@rduplain rduplain closed this

Linked to the front page of the docs:


FYI link to .mobi is now a 404


Hi! Link to .mobi is still 404
Link to epub is downloading .zip


Is there a recent epub/mobi version of the documentation?


Duplicate of pocoo/metaflask#7.


Have you guys tried the epub/mobi export at:

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