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Partial content support #425

wilsaj opened this Issue · 4 comments

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from feedback site: "it doesn't support serving partial content (206), which seems to confuse browsers when serving them HTML5 media files even if it shouldn't."



Did you find a solution? the loop parameter of video tag doesn't work without support of partial content.


As of latest stable (10.x) this bug is still present. Video playing works, however video seeking does not. videoDOM.currentTime = 10 fails (video rolls to the start). While flask is not intended for static content, these features would help greatly to improve usage of flask.


Patches welcome.


I took a quick look through flask code and it seems it would need some dive into werkzeug. If I will spin something up in a free time (patch for example - seems it will need to react to some headers, set 206, serve part of file) I will make you know :)

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