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Review flask-mongokit #432

jarus opened this Issue · 5 comments

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In my eyes flask-mongokit fulfil all requirements for a aproved extension.
Please review.


PS: It is already listed under extensions.


There was a update of Flask-MongoKit which use the new cool app_context and it should be a good example of usage for other extension developers so it would be great to be a approved extension.



I think .init_app(app) should not set = app.
For example:

from flask import Flask
from flask.ext.mongokit import MongoKit

main_app = Flask(__name__)
mongo = MongoKit(main_app)

admin_app = Flask(__name__)

In this case, mongo should use main_app when out of context.

See also:


Thanks for this hint. I'm not 100% sure if you have a context than the extension should use the app of the context and is there no context than it should use the defined app, right?


@jarus jarus referenced this issue in jarus/flask-mongokit

Improve app context handling #14


@jarus doesn't mention about fallbacking to default app.
But if extension has some feature they don't require app_context, allowing to use them outside of context is helpful.


please refile against

@untitaker untitaker closed this
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