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_static Added a favicon for the docs
_templates Standardized capitalization of "GitHub" in docs
_themes @ 3d964b6 Fixed submodules. Once again -.-
deploying Added OpenShift as a free hosting provider alternative
patterns Fix a few spelling mistakes in the docs
tutorial Fix a few spelling mistakes in the docs
.gitignore Started working on documentation.
Makefile Started working on documentation.
advanced_foreword.rst Stop recommending Python 2.6
api.rst Fix broken link
appcontext.rst some grammar fixes in appcontext
becomingbig.rst Update becomingbig.rst
blueprints.rst docs: :file:``, :file:`yourapp/templates`
changelog.rst Added changelog, restructured docs a bit.
cli.rst Small Typo fix Happy New Year 2015
config.rst docs: remove unnecessary colons Updated docs for click support
design.rst Fixed documentation in 'Design Decisions in Flask'
errorhandling.rst some details
extensiondev.rst docs: ``with``, ``for``, ``self``
extensions.rst Standardized capitalization of "GitHub" in docs Tweaked autodoc to skip :internal: methods. Heavily improved documentation
flaskstyle.sty Fixed line numbers for flask pdf
foreword.rst Grammatical fixes in Foreword and Tutorial
htmlfaq.rst docs: :mimetype:`application/json`
index.rst Fix Pocoo documentation links
installation.rst fix typo
latexindex.rst Added interactive Python docs, fixed part style.
license.rst Unify the uses of "sourcecode" vs "source code".
logo.pdf Updated logo in the PDF docs
make.bat Started working on documentation.
python3.rst Fix a few spelling mistakes in the docs
quickstart.rst Added docs for the error handler rework
reqcontext.rst docs: ``with``, ``for``, ``self``
security.rst docs: ``http://...``
server.rst Fix a few spelling mistakes in the docs
shell.rst docs: ``with``, ``for``, ``self``
signals.rst Grammer and readability fixes
styleguide.rst docs: ``True``, ``False`` and ``None``
templating.rst docs: `script` -> ``script``
testing.rst Add import flask module required to run code on Other Testing Tricks
unicode.rst Small punctuation change in unicode doc
upgrading.rst slimmed down error handling intro
views.rst docs: ``with``, ``for``, ``self``
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