University project for a Scratch inspired application for HTML5 touch devices
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iSkratch is an application inspired by Scratch for HTML5 devices. It is based on jQTouch, jQuery and Classy (thus a JavaScript application) and is in the current (and final) form the third implementation.

The user interface is not fully stable and there are a few issues with the runtime as well, the concept however is quite solid despite being developed in about 20 hours.

The code you see here is what we finally delivered for a task that was given to us at the University of Technology and might be useful for you if you want to develop interpreters/compilers in JavaScript with Scratch like semantics.

The most interesting part is probably still the original prototoype that is written in Python and generates a JavaScript file from an AST tree.

Another thing: last minute things were translated to German and I did not yet revert these changes (and quite frankly I doubt I ever will) and I got rid of the useless unittests.

Licensed under the BSD license, see LICENSE for more details.