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Merge pull request #50 from SimonSapin/patch-1

Typo fix ... I think.
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2 parents 9b1de00 + 8b5af89 commit 84ec5156fc78e4267de7d17c32ec89d0d9b16e00 @mitsuhiko committed
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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Version 2.6
integers instead of longs)
- groupby filter now supports dotted notation for grouping by attributes
of attributes.
-- scoped blocks not properly treat toplevel assignments and imports.
+- scoped blocks now properly treat toplevel assignments and imports.
Previously an import suddenly "disappeared" in a scoped block.
- automatically detect newer Python interpreter versions before loading code
from bytecode caches to prevent segfaults on invalid opcodes. The segfault

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