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Normalize to styleguide

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commit f2feb7efcd0ebf32ebebffc3dfed3c1493a904b6 1 parent c299ff1
@mitsuhiko authored
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12 jinja2/
@@ -70,23 +70,25 @@ def do_forceescape(value):
value = value.__html__()
return escape(unicode(value))
def do_urlescape(value):
"""Escape strings for use in URLs (uses UTF-8 encoding)."""
def utf8(o):
return unicode(o).encode('utf8')
if isinstance(value, basestring):
return urllib.quote(utf8(value))
if hasattr(value, 'items'):
# convert dictionaries to list of 2-tuples
value = value.items()
if hasattr(value, 'next'):
# convert generators to list
value = list(value)
- return urllib.urlencode([(utf8(k), utf8(v)) for (k, v) in value])
+ return urllib.urlencode((utf8(k), utf8(v)) for (k, v) in value)
def do_replace(eval_ctx, s, old, new, count=None):
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