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Jinja should advertise itself over an entry-point #108

ralphbean opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Both the TurboGears and ToscaWidgets frameworks look for templating engines by iterating over the python.templating.engines entry point group. Jinja2 could be used by both of those frameworks if this interface is added.

Mako, for instance, advertises itself through an ext plugin.

Here is where the advertisement is registered:

Here is the source for the entry point itself:

This could be taken up in jinja2 by exploding jinja2/ out into its own sub package without losing any backwards compatibility.

@ralphbean ralphbean referenced this issue from a commit in ralphbean/jinja2
@ralphbean ralphbean Added entry point advertisement. Relates to #108. 65e2708

No, no, no, no. That interface is horribly broken. We ripped this out for good when we went to Jinja2 and I don't want to see this coming back. Jinja1 was one of the first template engines that supported that endpoint and it just caused a ton of problems. All modern webframeworks stopped supporting that.

@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko closed this

Thanks for your input, Armin. We'll look into more modern ways to discover template engines.


Just posting here for posterity, tw2 supports jinja2 (without the buffet interface) as of tw2-2.1.0.

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