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Line statements eat newlines #52

gavento opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Line statements eat not only the spaces until the beginning of the line as documented at , but also all the previous newlines.

As of 2.7-dev, the following code generates no empty lines:

%% for i in range(3)
{{i}}, next line should be empty

%% endfor

This is an issue in languages where newlines matter (generated LaTeX).


Can be fixed in by changing the regex from r'^\s*' to r'^[ \t\v]*'. This makes the whitespace list limited, but that should not be an issue without re.UNICODE or re.LOCALE


Hmm. There still needs to be a way of including blank lines in the code which do not get rendered in the output, but are only there for legibility. I propose that lines containing line_statement_prefix (or line_comment_prefix) and nothing else be the mechanism for this. Currently they are not handled in a helpful way (filed as #204 and #205).


Just discovered that {##} is a tolerable workaround.

@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko closed this in 08f38a8
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