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Can we get an {% empty %} tag? #77

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Django has this really cool tag called {% empty %}, which lets you do this:

{% for item in list %}
    <tr><td>{{ item }}</td></tr>
{% empty %}
    <tr><td>Nothing to show!</td></tr>
{% endfor %}

which is short for

{% if list %}
    {% for item in list %}
        <tr><td>{{ item }}</td?</tr>
    {% endfor %}
{% else %}
    <tr><td>Nothing to show!</td></tr>
{% endif %}

Since switching to jinja, I have really missed this tag :(


That already exists. Use {% else %} on a for loop. Unfortunately we had else before Django created empty and renaming it now to match Django semantics is kinda weird.


oh, i see. Maybe put a note of that in the "Switching from other Template Engines" under then django section?

@njl njl referenced this issue from a commit
@njl njl Fix #77 by adding note to switching document
Explaining that {% empty %} in Django loops is {% else %} in Jinja2.
@njl njl referenced this issue from a commit in njl/jinja2
@njl njl Fixes issue #77 by adding explanation to docs
Points out that the Django empty is replaced by the
Flask else.

I don't see this in the switching documentation. It is mentioned in the control structures:for documentation but it would be helpful to have it in the switching doc...

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