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In Python 2, convert literal strings explicitly to ASCII when possible #305

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Fix for #304


Not going to merge this, see other comment.

@mitsuhiko mitsuhiko closed this
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  1. +7 −7 jinja2/
14 jinja2/
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
from jinja2.exceptions import TemplateSyntaxError
from jinja2.utils import LRUCache
from jinja2._compat import iteritems, implements_iterator, text_type, \
- intern
+ intern, PY2
# cache for the lexers. Exists in order to be able to have multiple
@@ -576,12 +576,12 @@ def wrap(self, stream, name=None, filename=None):
raise TemplateSyntaxError(msg, lineno, name, filename)
# if we can express it as bytestring (ascii only)
# we do that for support of semi broken APIs
- # as datetime.datetime.strftime. On python 3 this
- # call becomes a noop thanks to 2to3
- try:
- value = str(value)
- except UnicodeError:
- pass
+ # as datetime.datetime.strftime.
+ if PY2:
+ try:
+ value = value.encode('ascii')
+ except UnicodeError:
+ pass
elif token == 'integer':
value = int(value)
elif token == 'float':
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