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import json
import requests
import urlparse
import urllib
def url_quote(string):
return urllib.quote_plus(unicode(string).encode('utf-8'))
class Battlelog(object):
base_url = ''
def __init__(self, email, password):
self.session = requests.session()
rv = self.request('POST', 'gate/login/', data={
'redirect': '',
'submit': 'Sign in',
'email': email,
'password': password
if 'Wrong email or password' in rv.content:
raise RuntimeError('Could not login')
def request(self, method, url, *args, **kwargs):
url = urlparse.urljoin(self.base_url, url)
return self.session.request(method, url, *args, **kwargs)
def api_request(self, method, url, *args, **kwargs):
headers = kwargs.setdefault('headers', {})
headers['X-Requested-With'] = 'XMLHttpRequest'
headers['X-AjaxNavigation'] = '1'
return json.loads(self.request(method, url, *args, **kwargs).content)
def get_user(self, username):
rv = self.api_request('GET', 'user/%s/' % url_quote(username))
user = rv['context'].get('profileCommon')
if not user:
return None
return User(self, user)
def get_platoon_members(self, id):
rv = self.api_request('GET', 'platoon/%s/listmembers' % id)
return [User(self, x) for x in rv['context']['listMembers']]
class User(object):
def __init__(self, battlelog, profile_common):
self.battlelog = battlelog
self.profile_common = profile_common
def _accessor(path):
parts = tuple(path.split('.'))
def getter(self):
node = self.profile_common
for part in parts:
node = node.get(part)
if node is None:
return None
return node
return property(getter)
def profile_url(self):
return urlparse.urljoin(self.battlelog.base_url,
'user/' + url_quote(self.username))
def get_avatar_url(self, size=80):
return '' % (
username = _accessor('user.username')
gravatar = _accessor('user.gravatarMd5')
user_id = _accessor('user.userId')
status_message = _accessor('userStatusMessage.statusMessage')
veteran_status = _accessor('veteranStatus.status')
friend_count = _accessor('friendCount')
location = _accessor('userinfo.location')
age = _accessor('userinfo.age')
name = _accessor('')
is_online = _accessor('user.presence.isOnline')
is_playing = _accessor('user.presence.isPlaying')
server_guid = _accessor('user.presence.serverGuid')
server_name = _accessor('user.presence.serverName')
def is_playing(self):
rv = False
rv = self.profile_common['user']['presence']['isPlaying']
except KeyError:
return rv
def server_url(self):
return urlparse.urljoin(self.battlelog.base_url,
'servers/show/%s/' % url_quote(self.server_guid))
def __repr__(self):
return '<User "%s" (%s)>' % (self.username, self.user_id)
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