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from lib2to3.fixer_util import FromImport, Newline, find_root
from lib2to3.pytree import Leaf, Node
from lib2to3.pygram import python_symbols as syms, python_grammar
from lib2to3.pgen2 import token
def check_future_import(node):
"""If this is a future import, return set of symbols that are imported,
else return None."""
# node should be the import statement here
if not (node.type == syms.simple_stmt and node.children):
return set()
node = node.children[0]
# now node is the import_from node
if not (node.type == syms.import_from and
node.type == token.NAME and
node.children[1].value == u'__future__'):
return set()
node = node.children[3]
# now node is the import_as_name[s]
if node.type == syms.import_as_names:
result = set()
for n in node.children:
if n.type == token.NAME:
elif n.type == syms.import_as_name:
n = n.children[0]
assert n.type == token.NAME
return result
elif node.type == syms.import_as_name:
node = node.children[0]
assert node.type == token.NAME
return set([node.value])
elif node.type == token.NAME:
return set([node.value])
assert 0, "strange import"
def add_future(node, symbol):
root = find_root(node)
for idx, node in enumerate(root.children):
if node.type == syms.simple_stmt and \
len(node.children) > 0 and node.children[0].type == token.STRING:
# skip over docstring
names = check_future_import(node)
if not names:
# not a future statement; need to insert before this
if symbol in names:
# already imported
import_ = FromImport('__future__', [Leaf(token.NAME, symbol, prefix=" ")])
children = [import_, Newline()]
root.insert_child(idx, Node(syms.simple_stmt, children))
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