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How to get this running.

THe following libraries have to be downloaded and unzipped into
the libs folder:

  - sdl-1.3   

Additionally these have to be built.  Unfortunately SDL does not work
without installation so make sure to set the prefix to just ``local``
because this is where the CMakeLists.txt file looks for it.  Do not
attempt other versions of the libraries as these are hardcoded in the
CMakeLists.txt file for the time being.

The following tools are necessary / useful:

  - Tiled     
  - BMFont    

In order to convert maps into our format one can use the
script in the scripts folder.  It accepts the tmx file as first argument
and the path to the resulting map file as the second.

The following things must be true for the TMX file to be accepted:

  1. exactly one tileset
  2. two layers, one background one foreground which is also used
     for basic collisions. Must be called "background" and "foreground"
  3. use the default settings in the export format (base64, compressed)

We use the text only format for BMFont, so use this to generate fonts.
Internal encoding is latin1.  Fonts have to be 32bit images, everything
else is currently not supported.
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