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A small project that implements a voxel engine (hopefully)

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                             /       /|
                            /_______/ |
    ~~ SandboxCraft ~~      |       | |
       ````````````         |  S C  | /

    // Compilation //

        / OS X & Linux /

            $ cmake .
            $ make

            Make sure to have libsdl and libsdl-image as
            well as the development headers installed

        / Windows /

            > mkdir win_deps

            download SDL and SDL_Image and drop it into
            the win_deps folders.  You should have a
            win_deps\SDL\lib\SDL.lib afterwards.

            $ generate-vs.bat

            This then generates a visual studio solution.

    // License //

        The code is BSD licensed (see LICENSE for more
        information) but the current resources are copied
        from minecraft.  Please don't sue me notch, I will
        replace them soonish with something of my own.

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