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A small project that implements a voxel engine (hopefully)
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include Simplified shader system to only reference one file
osxlauncher Basic resource loading
resources Simplified shader system to only reference one file
src Fixed memory allocation error
tests Added method to create folders automatically
.gitignore Updated worldgen
CMakeLists.txt Added basic world saving
LICENSE Added readme and license
generate-vs.bat SandboxCraft compiles on visual c now (bullshit compiler)


                             /       /|
                            /_______/ |
    ~~ SandboxCraft ~~      |       | |
       ````````````         |  S C  | /

    // Compilation //

        / OS X & Linux /

            $ cmake .
            $ make

            Make sure to have libsdl and libsdl-image as
            well as the development headers installed

        / Windows /

            > mkdir win_deps

            download SDL and SDL_Image and drop it into
            the win_deps folders.  You should have a
            win_deps\SDL\lib\SDL.lib afterwards.

            $ generate-vs.bat

            This then generates a visual studio solution.

    // License //

        The code is BSD licensed (see LICENSE for more
        information) but the current resources are copied
        from minecraft.  Please don't sue me notch, I will
        replace them soonish with something of my own.

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