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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
A module that implements a more Django like interface for SQLAlchemy
query objects. It's still API compatible with the regular one but
extends it with Djangoisms.
Example queries::
:copyright: 2011 by Armin Ronacher, Mike Bayer.
license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
from sqlalchemy.orm import joinedload, joinedload_all
from sqlalchemy.orm.query import Query
from sqlalchemy.orm.util import _entity_descriptor
from sqlalchemy.util import to_list
from sqlalchemy.sql import operators, extract
class DjangoQueryMixin(object):
"""Can be mixed into any Query class of SQLAlchemy and extends it to
implements more Django like behavior:
- `filter_by` supports implicit joining and subitem accessing with
double underscores.
- `exclude_by` works like `filter_by` just that every expression is
automatically negated.
- `order_by` supports ordering by field name with an optional `-`
in front.
_underscore_operators = {
'le': operators.le,
'contains': operators.contains_op,
'in': operators.in_op,
'exact': operators.eq,
'iexact': operators.ilike_op,
'startswith': operators.startswith_op,
'istartswith': lambda c, x: c.ilike(x.replace('%', '%%') + '%'),
'iendswith': lambda c, x: c.ilike('%' + x.replace('%', '%%')),
'endswith': operators.endswith_op,
'isnull': lambda c, x: x and c != None or c == None,
'range': operators.between_op,
'year': lambda c, x: extract('year', c) == x,
'month': lambda c, x: extract('month', c) == x,
'day': lambda c, x: extract('day', c) == x
def filter_by(self, **kwargs):
return self._filter_or_exclude(False, kwargs)
def exclude_by(self, **kwargs):
return self._filter_or_exclude(True, kwargs)
def select_related(self, *columns, **options):
depth = options.pop('depth', None)
if options:
raise TypeError('Unexpected argument %r' % iter(options).next())
if depth not in (None, 1):
raise TypeError('Depth can only be 1 or None currently')
need_all = depth is None
columns = list(columns)
for idx, column in enumerate(columns):
column = column.replace('__', '.')
if '.' in column:
need_all = True
columns[idx] = column
func = (need_all and joinedload_all or joinedload)
return self.options(func(*columns))
def order_by(self, *args):
args = list(args)
joins_needed = []
for idx, arg in enumerate(args):
q = self
if not isinstance(arg, basestring):
if arg[0] in '+-':
desc = arg[0] == '-'
arg = arg[1:]
desc = False
q = self
column = None
for token in arg.split('__'):
column = _entity_descriptor(q._joinpoint_zero(), token)
if column.impl.uses_objects:
q = q.join(column)
column = None
if column is None:
raise ValueError('Tried to order by table, column expected')
if desc:
column = column.desc()
args[idx] = column
q = super(DjangoQueryMixin, self).order_by(*args)
for join in joins_needed:
q = q.join(join)
return q
def _filter_or_exclude(self, negate, kwargs):
q = self
negate_if = lambda expr: expr if not negate else ~expr
column = None
for arg, value in kwargs.iteritems():
for token in arg.split('__'):
if column is None:
column = _entity_descriptor(q._joinpoint_zero(), token)
if column.impl.uses_objects:
q = q.join(column)
column = None
elif token in self._underscore_operators:
op = self._underscore_operators[token]
q = q.filter(negate_if(op(column, *to_list(value))))
column = None
raise ValueError('No idea what to do with %r' % token)
if column is not None:
q = q.filter(negate_if(column == value))
column = None
q = q.reset_joinpoint()
return q
class DjangoQuery(DjangoQueryMixin, Query):
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