Repository for Jinja support in vim.
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Jinja for Vim

Jinja for Vim.  This is the updated version unlike the
one on vimscripts.


- Syntax highlighting
- Automatic detection of Jinja HTML templates that plays well
  with Django and other HTML files.
- Indent support


If you don't have a preferred installation method, I recommend installing
pathogen.vim, and then simply copy and paste:

   cd ~/.vim/bundle
   git clone git://


  g:htmljinja_disable_detection (Default: 0)
    If set the plugin will not try to autodetect HTML files that
    contain Jinja code.

  g:htmljinja_disable_html_upgrade (Default: 0)
    If set the plugin will not try to check on each write of an HTML
    file it it should upgrade to htmljinja