To make "Record" with laser cutter.
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This program generates "Record" image from audio file. If you have laser cutter or paper cutting machine, you can make your own "Record".

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit


  1. If you don't have Processing IDE, download from here.

  2. Download Ess library.We need this to handle audio file(wav, aif, mp3).

  3. Extruct and put it into Processing library directory.
    Usually, ~/Documents/Processing/libraries/

  4. Download and extract.

  5. Open CuttingRecordGenerator.pde and just press Run button.
    Make sure there is no error or exception, then the Ess library is working.
    After drawing animation, sin_440hz_30sec_wav.svg will be created in data directory.

If you have some audio file, put it into data directory and change this line.
CuttingRecordGenerator.pde @L31
String audioFilePath = "sin_440hz_30sec.wav";

  1. Adjust parameters.
    There are some output parameters.According to the need, change these values.
// Parameters for svg output
double recordDiameterMillimeter = 300;//170; // 170mm
double outputSamplingRate = 44100;//44100; // 44.1kHz
double rpm = 33; // 33rmp
double amplitudeMax = 0.2; // 0.2pt
double spaceOfEachLine = 2; // 2pt
double rInnerMarginMillimeter = 100; // 100mm
double rOuterMarginMillimeter = 5; // 5mm
double centerHoleDaiameterMillimeter = 7.24; // 7.24mm
double svgPathStrokeWidth = 0.001; // 0.001pt
// fabrication machine's dpi
// i.e. Universal VLS 2.30 with HPDFO lends is 1000dpi
int dpi = 200;

Cutting Record Params Diagram1

Cutting Record Params Diagram2

  1. Cutting "Record" and play it!
    If you have some digital fabrication tool such as laser cutter, paper cutting machine, you can try to make your own record. If you don't have it go to hacker space, fablab!

What kind of sound made by laser cutter?

Please watch this video.
Laser Cut Record from jo kazuhiro

More detail is here.