Yet another Twitter API 1.1 compliant timeline RSS/JSON feed builder, meant to continue the Autoblog Project's Twitter support
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Yet another Twitter API 1.1 compliant timeline RSS/JSON feed builder, meant to resume the Autoblog Project's Twitter support.

Uses Abraham Williams's Twitter OAuth class; Uses stormuk's StormTwitter class


Sebsauvage and other devs including me have started a project to provide "feed bridges" for various websites with poor or no RSS/ATOM feed: rss-bridge. The Twitter module is based on twitterbridge-noapi, and includes new stuff. Check it out ! 😄

twitterbridge is therefor DEPRECATED unless you need API-friendly code to build on or learn all the shit you must do when working on Twitter.


Version 0.2 alpha

  • new: username whitelist in JSON array. Only allowed usernames are processed. Try to keep it under 20 usernames.
  • new: raw JSON output
  • new: separate config file
  • new: configuration checks
  • changed: cache file structure
  • changed: cache expiration (5 minutes is enough right ?)


  • Twitterbridge status:


  • RSS output:


  • JSON output (raw Twitter proxy mode):


(where "support" is the screen name)

Autoblog Project integration

Just set in your config.php :

define( 'API_TWITTER', 'http://twitterbridge.domain.tld?u=' );


  • Dont forget to put a / after your cache folder name in config.php.