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2013.04.30  I refresh the psql (postgresql) munin plugins, it tested on squeeze.

            I merge the old lenny dir to squeze.

            I commit mitty fixes to my squeeze dir.
            Thanks for new lxc plugin - lxc_net 
            This plugin reads a "" setting from "config" file of each container,
            because lxc-start command creates a random named veth device without the setting.
            If the xen config (/var/lib/lxc/GUEST_NAME/config does not contain this parameter,.
            then you have to fill it, becouse if every guest restart generate new device name, then the graph will be useless
            ( example config : = vethsamba )
2013.04.29  Unfortunately I haven't got much enough time to work with this project to be much better now. 
            Please visit for new features and fixes :


Noob but working munin plugins.

Tested on Debian squeeze/lenny