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#Scala Interpreter ImageJ Plugin

Author: Kota Miura

Date: 20121114 v1.0.1

Some fixes were done.

  • plugins.config fixed with package namings
  • ImgLib1 imports were excluded, as it will be deprecated

Thanks to Johannes Schindelin for these suggestions.

  • Console outputs (such as println() outputs) redirected to the Interpreter screen.
  • VM argument is now set internally from the code.
  • Pre-imports are now done using IMain class dierctly.

Date: 20121112 v1.0.0

It works, but still things to do.

Things to do:

  • (done) Console output is not really good. Examine IMain class so that the output becomes simplified.
  • (done) VM argument to set the scala mode should be within the code. Currently, externally givien.
  • (done) import of ImageJ classes should be done faster using IMain class. Difficulty is on how to use Seq[String] type argument for quitetImport method.