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Modified version of MultiStackRegistration, for use from scripts.



Please add the plugin "MultistackReg" using Update Sites function in Fiji.

  • briefly, [help > Update...], then in the Updater window, click "Manage Update Site", and tick "MultiStackReg" (also tick "BIG_EPFL" for the dependency) - close the window, click "Apply Changes". When downloading is done, please restart Fiji.



Welcome to MultiStackReg v1.5!

This plugin has three modes of use:

  1. Align a single stack of images
  2. Align a stack to another stack
  3. Load a previously created transformation file

To align a single stack:

Choose the image to be aligned in the Stack 1 dropdown box. Leave 'Align' in the Action 1 box.

To align two stacks:

Place the reference stack in Stack 1's box, and the stack to be aligned in Stack 2's box. Select 'Use as Reference' as Action 1 and 'Align to First Stack' as Action 2.

To load a transformation file:

Place the stack to be aligned in either stack box, choose 'Load Transformation File' in its Action dropdown box. The File field can be used as a shortcut to avoid having to select the matrix manually.



See the thread below in the Forum for discussions, macro usages, and Q&As.


This work is based on the following paper:

P. Thévenaz, U.E. Ruttimann, M. Unser
A Pyramid Approach to Subpixel Registration Based on Intensity
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 27-41, January 1998.

This paper is available on-line at

Other relevant on-line publications are available at

Additional help available at

Ancillary TurboReg_ plugin available at

You'll be free to use this software for research purposes, but you should not redistribute it without our consent. In addition, we expect you to include a citation or acknowledgment whenever you present or publish results that are based on it.

A few changes (loadTransform, appendTransform, multi stack support) to support load/save functionality and multiple stacks were added by Brad Busse ( ) and released into the public domain, so go by their ^^ guidelines for distribution, etc.


Modified version of MultiStackRegistration, for use from scripts.






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