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1. Waht is mrubyRuby

The mrubyRuby is a wrapper of CRuby for mruby. You can use mruby through CRuby.
What is good it? I create it for joke, but I think it is useful. For example,

  Develop mruby software tools by cruby (Debugger, Inspecter)

  Debug or test mruby using the state of embedded other software

2. Install

3. Sample
  require 'mruby'

  MRuby.eval('p "foo"')

MRuby.eval invoke mruby and eval argument string.
This version of mrubyRuby have onlu MRuby.eval method,
but I have idea about other method sand classes for conroling mruby detailedly.

3. License


4. Author

Miura Hideki
m-72 at (e-mail)    (twitter) (blog in japanese)   

5. Acknowledgement

  Mr. Fuji Goro (@__gfx__) gives me a very good advice about symbol 
  conflict between mruby and CRuby.

  I thanks Matz and Ruby community members for creating mruby and CRuby.