Tornado-sent events
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Tornado-sent events

An implementation of the publish/subscribe pattern for the Tornado web server.


Tornadose is on PyPI:

$ pip install tornadose

This will grab the latest official release. Alternatively, or for development, you can clone the repository and install it manually:

$ git clone
$ cd tornadose
$ pip install -e .


A simple example of using server-sent events (a.k.a. EventSource):

import random
from tornado.ioloop import IOLoop, PeriodicCallback
from tornado.web import Application
from tornadose.handlers import EventSource
from tornadose.stores import DataStore

store = DataStore()

app = Application(
    [(r'/', EventSource, {'store': store})],

loop = IOLoop.instance()
PeriodicCallback(lambda: store.submit(random.random()), 1000).start()

To monitor the stream with curl:

$ curl http://localhost:9000

or with HTTPie:

$ http -S get localhost:9000

Additional demos can be found in the demos directory.


Contributions, complaints, criticisms, and whatever else are welcome. The source code and issue tracker can be found on GitHub.

See also

Some other implementations of server-sent events with Tornado include:


Tornadose is freely available under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.