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@@ -15,6 +15,11 @@ separate git repository. This allows you to share some of your configuration
in on repository (for example, just your vim configuration), while keeping
another private.
+One of the key requirements for was limited dependencies, only a
+bash shell, git and standard shell commands are required. For situations where
+even git isn't available, you can use rsync instead to send a copy of your
+dotfiles from a different machine.
## Getting started
Each collection is simply a git repository with a directory called 'home' in
@@ -82,6 +87,11 @@ location than locally such as `/usr/local/bin`. If you get an error about
being unable to find rsync, then you can pass the `-r` option to to
tell it where rsync is installed to on the remote host.
+When sending collections via rsync, drops a copy of itself in the
+dotfiles directory (`~/.dotfiles` by default). While this is used for
+generating the symlinks, you can also use it yourself to manage collections,
+or send them to other machines as needed.
### Inactive collections
If you use the send command, and make use of multiple collections, you may
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