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Note: all of the tests in this file should fail. If any succeed, then there is
a problem.
(Fails) Insert text and verify contents. Buffer contains more lines than the
comparison text.
> foo
> bar
(Fails) Regex match failure test
> This is a test
This is b .* re
(Fails) Regex anchor matching with the regex itself only containing part of
the line
^is a$ re
(Fails) Match multiple lines starting with the end of the file:
(Fails) Verify the value of a variable
:let g:some_var = 2
? g:some_var == 1
(Fails) Test line continuation in non-matching output text
> Some text here
Some text
\ not here
(Fails) Test line continuation in failing expression tests
? 1 + 1
\ == 3
(Fails) Test disabling regex matching
:let g:vimcram_expandre = 0
> hello world
wo.ld$ re
:let g:vimcram_expandre = 1
vim: ft=vimcram
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