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Official repository for the Jammo character from the Mix and Jam channel!
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Jammo Banner

The Jammo Character is a free 3D model that you can use in your projects!

Jammo is part of a collaboration between the Mix and Jam and Curiomatic Youtube channels.

The model rig was carefully tweaked to work with the Mixamo website - which means that you can just drag the .fbx file there and try the variety of animations available on Mixamo's library!

Blender and Substance files
Asset Store Link

• Triangle count: 16.088
• Material count: 2 (Body and head visor)
• Available textures: Albedo, Metallic Smoothness, Normal Map and Ambient Occlusion.
• Example Scenes: Third person camera control (using Cinemachine) with an example movement script.

We hope you have a lot of fun with the character!

Downloading animations with Mixamo

In order to download animations from Mixamo - you just need to upload the FBX model


Then you can download any animation you like! One good tip is to always increase the Character Arm Space property so that Jammo's hands don't clip.

When exporting the FBX to unity - one thing I always do is to expand the object on the project window, find the animation clip and duplicate it. This way not only do we have just the clip but it's also not read-only anymore.



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