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Smart-contract audit for KickICO project by MixBytes team

Repository address:

Version commit used in the audit:

Issues classification:

CRITICAL: problems leading to stealing funds from any of the participants, or making them inaccessible by anyone
SEVERE: problems that can stop, freeze or break the internal logic of the contract
WARNING: non-critical problems that cannot break the contract, but still are present
NOTE: any other issues

Found issues:



Function: function issue(address _to, uint256 _amount) public onlyOwner validAddress(_to) notThis(_to)

Missed call to addIndex(_to) will result in token losses by investors



Function: function addDividendsForAddress(address _address) internal

Missed addition to _totalSupply, or substraction from balances[this]. Precision loss during division should be handled appropriately.


Function: function transferFrom(address _from, address _to, uint256 _value) transfersAllowed returns (bool success)

Must be "now < dividends[currentDividendIndex].time" instead of "now >= dividends[currentDividendIndex].time", otherwise dividends will be paid too early


"if (amount >= bonuses[i] && (amount < bonuses[i + 1] || i == bonuses.length - 1)) {"

must be written as

"if (amount >= bonuses[i] && (i == bonuses.length - 1 || amount < bonuses[i + 1])) {"

or we'll run out of bounds when "i == bonuses.length - 1"



Function: function addDividendsForAddress(address _address) internal

If "now()" is in period "k + 2", and calculateDividends for period "k + 1" is missed (last dividends were paid only for "k"-s period),

new account (actually created in "k+2") will receive dividends for "k+1", because its calculatedDividendsIndex[_address] will be "k", and potentially, it will result in extra profit for the investor



Function: function balanceOf(address _owner) constant returns (uint256 balance)

Is it right that balanceOf doesn't use agingBalanceOf[_address][0]?


Function: function addAgingTimesForPool(address poolAddress, uint256 agingTime) onlyOwner

If the owner sends wrong AgingTime, and it is shorter than the last one, it will make contract stuck


This function is missed in token.sol


Function: function isReachedThreshold() internal returns (bool reached)

Why pricePerTokenInWei is used here? This fragment will work, but only because pricePerTokenInWei is much less than other values


Function: function processPayment(address from, uint amount, bool isCustom) internal

In both cases, when i=14 and i=15 bonus is the same, price is discounted by 0.925(925)


Audited contracts were fixed and successfully deployed. The ICO has raised $22 million.

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