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Audit of TST Token smart contracts


URL of the audited contract:

Classification of identified issues

CRITICAL: possible stealing of Ether/tokens, or their permanent blocking with no opportunity of recovering access, or any other loss of Ether/tokens payable to any party (e.g., as dividends).
SERIOUS: possible violations of contract operations, where the manual amendment or complete replacement of the contract is required to recover proper operations.
WARNINGS: possible violation of the contract’s planned logic, or possible DoS attack on the contract.
REMARKS: any other remarks.

Audit methodology

The code of the contract may be viewed manually in order to identify known vulnerabilities, logic errors, and compliance with the White Paper. Unit tests can be written to check any questionable aspects as required.

Identified issues


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1. Migration.sol#L17

According to specification Reserve pool vesting period is 2 years, and intermediate partial releases are not expected. At the same time, in Migration.sol there are intermediate partial releases of tokens every 183 days.

Updated in the whitepaper.

2. Migration.sol#L19

According to specification Advisors/Partners pool is vested over 1 year with 25% released every 3 months starting from the date of first Token Distribution. At the same time, in Migration.sol release logic is the following: to release 20% every 3 months and the first release is immediate. Which contradicts the specification at least in numbers.

Fixed in 2a85f6c.


The code of the token and vesting contract is flawless and well written. There was a few concerns regarding accordance of the migration code with the specification which are fixed as of 22 jun 2018.

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