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# Blockchain binding name
# Names of available bindings can be found at resources/bindings.yml
# Binding names are not predefined, they just have to correspond to an entry in ~/.tank/bindings.yml
binding: polkadot
# Configuration of instances for the chosen binding
boot: # this codename of the instance role will be included into the hostname
# optionally, you can customize instances
count: 1
# cloud-agnostic machine size
# the option can be specified on the instances level, per instance role, per region
# available options: micro, small, standard, large, xlarge, xxlarge, huge
type: large
producer: 3
# Optional low-level kung fu: passing ansible variables to the binding used.
# Make sure you know what you're doing.
# Each variable will be passed to ansible as -e bc_{var_name}={value}.
# Any variable can be specified.
path_general: /lol
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