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css make a directory page of demo providers
fonts make a directory page of demo providers
js fix jquery use
test start of second test new server for demo provider
app.js running under stackato
blank.html blank page
chatWindow.html new functionality, tests, etc.
checked.jpg add share
checked32.png larger/nicer icons
directory.js running under stackato
firefox.png new stuff
firefox32.png new stuff
flyout.html new functionality, tests, etc.
icon.png setting up new repo
manifest.js running under stackato
mark.html some minor fixes for the demo provider
message.png setting up new repo
package.json running under stackato
panel.css better dynamic resize of panels
panel.js changes for activation and recommend
settings.html some minor fixes for the demo provider
share.html fix jquery use
share.js share close testing
sidebar.css share ui, more dumps
sidebar.htm visual indication of manifest update
sidebar.js visual indication of manifest update
sign_in_blue.png setting up new repo
stackato.yml running under stackato
statusPanel.html running under stackato
unchecked.jpg add share
unchecked32.png larger/nicer icons
user.html fix paths
user.png setting up new repo
user2.png new feature support, more test functionality
worker.js fix worker use of let
workerScript.js setting up new repo

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