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= Instructions for data needed from providers to add an entry to the directory.

- you can view a working example of the directory page at

- you can view localized pages at this time using and if the
  provider has a localized page, you can change the jp_JP/mixi with the
  appropriate locale and provider name.

- text and images may be localized if necessary

* Text Assets

  Two text assets are used across the directory site, while the third is used
  only on the providers detail page

  - Headline/Tagline, 8 word-count
  - Short Description, 10 word-count
  - Long Description, no hard limit on word-count, but within reason (we suggest
    70 word-count).  This entry may contain limited html for formatting.

* Image Assets

  Logos:  There are two options for the logo, you may choose one or the other.
    The logo image will be used across the directory website.

    - square icon: 60px W X 60px H, the name of the provider will appear to the
      right of the icon as text rendered using the style of the directory site.
      The provider name should be limited to 2 or 3 words depending on length.
    - horizontal icon: 60px H X 220px W.  This format is large enough to contain
      the name of the provider

  Detail images: These show the actual functionality of the provider, whether
    a sidebar, share or bookmarks panel, etc., and are used in the promotional
    slider on the main page and/or on the providers detail page.

    - up to 3 images may be provided, specify which should be used in the
      promotional slider if your provider appears there.
    - 460px W and a flexible but reasonable limit on height
    - slider image cropped to 300px high

  Videos:  These will appear at the bottom of the providers detail page

    - only tested with youtube videos, other delivery systems may not work
    - up to 3 videos can be linked to
    - provide links to video

* provider data

  * manifest: we will need a copy of the manifest used for the service
  * if you provide localized versions of your pages, it would also help us if
    you localize other text on the page for us, especially:
    - Activate now
    - Home
    - Learn More
  * view data example (UTF-8 only), further documentation is in comments below:
    // manifest information that is given to Firefox, it is documented at
    "manifest": {
      "name": "example",
      "origin": "",
      "iconURL": "",
      "icon32URL": "",
      "icon64URL": "",
      "workerURL": "",
      "sidebarURL": "",
      "description": "This is an example provider.  This description will appear in the Add-ons manager in Firefox.",
      "author": "Example",
      "homepageURL": "",
      "version": 1,
    // localized information for the website, we use some data from manifest if
    // not present here. Every entry MUST have en_US for the default, and may
    // add additional locales. At this time the directory site is not localized,
    // only the provider content will get localized. Localized content will only
    // be linked to from snippet promotions in Firefox until the directory site
    // is fully localized. At that time, if the user is browsing a locale not
    // included here, en_US will be used as the fallback or default.
    "lang": {
      // this example only shows the en_US locale, you may have multiple
      // locales. More information on locale codes is at
      // though the directory does
      // not support dialect at this time.
      "en-US": {
        "name": "Example",
        "tagline": "Example is awesome!",
        "shortDescription": "Discover amazing things with this example, you'll have a great time!",
        // description may contain html markup, it will be verified before going live
        "description": "This example description is used on the providers detail page, and may be fairly long.  You can also do <b>simple html markup</b>, creating lists, etc.  Any markup will be reviewed prior to adding to the directory.",
        "images": {
          // fulllogo max width is 300px, suggested height is 64px
          "fulllogo": "images/examplelogomark.jpg",
          // logo icon should be 64px X 64px
          "logo": "",
          // all images should width between 460px and 560px, height is flexible
          // but within reason. suggested hight between 460px and 1000px. The
          // "carousel" image will work better at smaller heights, a roughly
          // square image would be good.
          "carousel": "images/example-screen.png",
          // you may have one or more images. If one image, use "detail", for
          // more than one image we'll render a slider, use an array of images
          // in "details". If you use more than one image, they should all have
          // the same dimensions.
          //"detail": "images/example-large.png",
          "details": [
        "videos": {
          // we have not evaluated the use of video sites other than youtube, we
          // will do that on an as-need basis.
          // To find the youtube link, go to the video page and select "share".
          // Copy the path from the url. If the url looks like
          // "", copy "asdflakjshdf".
          "youtube": ["asdflakjshdf", "luhoiuhlhlkj", "zxcviiuzxiuvh"]
        "links": {
          // link to your own activation page, or a page with more information
          // about your service.
          "learnmore": ""