OBS-Studio 0.16.2 with FTL.10

@sslivins sslivins released this Oct 4, 2016

OBS-Studio with FTL Support and Browser Source

-This is a BETA, use at your own risk. Beam support will be limited
-No Mac/Linux builds currently available (you're welcome to try)
-Use the "Beam FTL Service" under Stream tab
-Audio sample rate MUST be 48Khz (requires a restart if it was using 44.1khz)
-Existing RTMP now works (thanks @Maximilian-Reuter)
-offline (not while streaming) recording works (thanks @Maximilian-Reuter)

###Lowest Latency Settings####
Some encoders have more delay than others, for 200ms of delay use the following settings:
-Beam FTL Service
-Output Mode: Advanced
-Rate control: CBR
-bitrate: max allowed is 3000 until GA
-Key Frame interval: 2
-CPU Usage: this is more related to how hard the encoder tries to do a good job; faster values typically means the encoder spends less time resulting in lower quality for the same bitrate. if you have a very good CPU you can pick a slower settings but pay attention to how much CPU OBS is consuming. Some of the very slow settings will introduce more delay to improve the encoding quality (recommended setting: faster)
-profile: baseline
-tune: zero latency